I see the wave. I dont care about the miles. I just see the line, there’s no space between us. Just go away, away, and i can let you see, how wonderful this life.

Gunung Kidul. Heaven of Java. Panorama and perfect natural beauty, makes you want to close your eyes for a moment, and breathe in the aroma of real life. Still remember when it was five o’clock, and we do not think about anything except the cross of darkness towards Gunung Kidul. yeah. we missed the waves.

we drive for hours from Yogyakarta, passing through shades of sunset with the beautiful iridescence. We do not know where the location of gunung Kidul, just past the road with board directions as a guide, it is enough to make us enjoy this trip.


Some of special moments we experienced over the trip. Accidentally, my wallet fell, but a guard of tickets, kindly pursuit of my vehicle and return the wallet which contained approximately one million back. I’m very grateful, because the people around Gunung Kidul still have a sense of high concern, can not imagine if I was in another place with high crime.

in the middle of the trip, we also met up with some friends who were having a church community holiday on the beach. Although not yet know us, they are so friendly and invited us to sleep in the villa where they were staying, not only that, they even prepare dinner was very tasty. finished bantering with them, we decided to go to the edge of the beach and looking for a suitable location to set up a tent.


Of course, for a traveler like us, we better enjoy the night air blowing and the lights dim tent, with ornate milkyway as our sky.

night passed in the morning, we quickly turn on the camera and try to get the sunrise that it does not appear this morning. was disappointed with the situation, but we immediately remove and photographing the beauty of the sky in morning.


happiness, togetherness, sprinkling water with a swish of the waves, making me forget where I was.

friendship is increasingly felt mean, time is very meaningful, very highly. even at a time like this, my friend felt really understand myself, yes, he is my friend.


This is not our last trip, but the first, and I assure to other travel shows to you.



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